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You can argue with me, you can’t argue with god.– Tegenstander van Milk.

De meest simpele potscherf kan een tijdmachine zijn die je meeneemt naar een moment in een ver verleden. Rob Driesen kunsthistoricus in de Collect.

My being courtious is getting in the way of my being effective – Nicolas Cage in Bad Lieutenant.

I find that girl completely resistable – Oscar Levant in Barkleys from Broadway

Some people are so poor that all they have is money. Occupy leus
I don’t need sex, the system fucks me everyday. – Occupy leus.

I am not asking you to forgive me, I am asking you to understand . – Spiderman 3.

Als ik een schilderij kan begrijpen is het eigenlijk al niet goed meer. – Gerhard Richter

The only way out is in. – Junot Diaz – Brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao.

Only way in is out. – erikgveld

You don’t have to love me always Cindy, you don’t have you see me all days of the week, you don’t even have to notice my new shoes, but please please let me own some time with you.  – Rod Stewart Cindys Lament

People who think Moby Dick is a veneral desease – Vincent Vaughn in de Wedding Crashers

 We hurt each other because we love each other – Frederic March als Count Vronsky in Anna Karenina

You feel stronger and weaker at the same time – liefde volgens Spiderman 1

I walked when I should have ran, I ran when I should have walked – Jamie Woon cd Mirrorwriting

I just got to rest my eyes. – Laatste woorden

The big screen creates stars. The tv screen shows the every day life. – (Het huidige dvd gebeuren creëert dus ook geen sterren.) Roger Ebert.

Cure to a depression : go to a park and talk to old people. – Zach Galifianakis

You ain’t a man until you split dark oak. – Monsters Ball (sex met een zwarte)

The young people today – they think they can dance with their faces. : Ginger Rogers

The actor must sometimes just be the screen onto which the audience projects their feelings. – Ben Affleck over het acteren van Casey Affleck in Gone Baby Gone

My weakness is stronger than I am. – Merle Haggard

We leven in een tijd dat kunst wordt gerangschikt onder entertainment. – erikgveld

I don’t like things to go good or bad, I like them in between. – Red River

365 days in a year and this has to be the day. – Gary Grant in His girl Friday.

Op schoonheid ligt nog steeds een taboe. – Ruud van Empel

Are we still the good guys? – vraagt de zoon aan de vader in The Road

Jack Black – I can tell the future.
Michael Cera – What am I gonna say?
Jack Black – I didn’t say that.
Year one.

Privacy is de bescherming van de beschaving. – Gonzalves

It seemed sunshine walked beside her. – Caroline van Townes van Zandt

Try not to look to pretty , And I try not to be a fool. – Dwight Yoakam

There are bigger things happening here than me and you. – Spiderman 2.

The way to handle a woman is to love her, simply to love her, merely love her, just love her. – Richard Harris als koning Arthur in Camelot

Lets leave the unconsiousness out of this. We’ve enough problems with the consiousness. – People will talk – Mankiewicz

Television is in the boredom killing business. – Network

The last frontier is the stranger in the mirror that I see. – Over the Rhine

After a while time is the most important thing – Heller in pink tights – George Cukor

I wish she would break my heart one more time. – Buck Owens


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  1. Mooi, vooral die van erikgveld, daar wil ik er nog wel een paar meer van lezen ;-).


  2. john permalink

    het is teveel moois: advies in de beperking herkent men de meester.


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