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A computer? One of those mechanical gimmicks that give you the answer to anything? – The trial – Orson Welles 1962.

My mind has got a mind of his own. – Jimmy D. Gilmore.

The stork that brought you must have been a vulture. – Ann Sheridan in The torrid zone. 1940

The girls melting on the beach, They’re so fine and out of reach. – Bruce Springsteen – 1980.

In de schoonheid raken de oevers elkaar, daar leven alle tegenstrijdigheden vlak naast elkaar. – Dostojevski in De gebroeders Karamazov

Bezit van de zaak is het einde van het vermaak. – Frits Bolkestein citeert oud gezegde.

Magic is directed almost entirely to men. And it’s a return for them to boyhood, childhood. It has nothing to do with women, who hate it – it irritates them. They don’t like it to be fooled. And men do. – David Thomson in Rosebud.

There where some actors I loved and would follow and that was usually the same, a mirrored pool in which I could swim. David Thomson in Rosebud

Geniet nooit met mate. – Geveltekst Ronde Hoep

Als hadden komt is hebben te laat.

The only way to stay out of trouble is to grow old, so I concentrate on that, mayby I die trying. – Orson Welles in The lady from Shanghai.

I allways found it very sanitairy to be broke. – Orson Welles in The lady from Shanghai.

You are strong enough to be weak. – Varinia tegen Spartacus.

Only the dead have seen the end of war. – Brothers.

Samenwerking van SP met de PVV is even waarschijnlijk als een fusie tussen Ajax en Feyenoord. – Emile Roemer.

Bei keiner anderen Erfindung is das Nutzliche mit dem Angenehmen so innig verbunden wie beim Fahrrad. – Adam Opel.

Morality, the last bastion of a coward. – Ravenous.

Give a man money, watch him act funny. – Cabin in the sky.

I said shut up once already, with my mouth. – Winter’s Bone

What’s done is done. – Macbeth.

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