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Ontknoping 18


De waarheid heeft geen plaats in een sociale setting.
Karl Ove Knausgård

I don’t think I miss things. To miss things is to hope they will come back.
Don’t you think that is a bit cold?
I think truth has no temperature.
Cameron Diaz in The Counselor (Cormac McCarthy/Ridley Scott 2013)
 Life goes on acting, we can’ t control it. We can only swim in it.
Michael Caine in Mona Lisa (Neil Jordan 1986)
 Wat de mensheid scheidt is onbeduidend vergeleken met wat we delen.
Koning Abdullah II van Jordanië
Only love can hurt like this.
Paloma Faith – Engelse zangeres

Er ligt nog veel stof voor de schaar.
Mark Rutte (2015)

 Der Herbst ist eine zweiter Frühling, wo jedes Blatt zur Blüte wird.
Albert Camus, tekst op Duitse broodzak
 Shop dich  glücklich.
Winkeltekst in Bayreuth
Buy now or cry later.
Uitverkoopszin in Würzburg
Jezelf verliezen zonder jezelf te verliezen.
Kunstbeleving volgens zomergast Damiaan Denys
 I don’t know if God is real
Does He breathe or does He feel
Does He mind when I’m angry
Does He even notice me
I don’t know if God is true
Is He me or is He you
Does He hear the words I say
I think I’ll ask Him anyway
So please God I know you’re so busy
And it seems odd and must make you dizzy
When everybody just wants
A little piece, a little piece, a little piece of you
So please Lord I promise
I’m not asking for the whole world
Just a little favour for a lost girl
Who wants to believe in something, something, anything at all
Kasey Chambers – Australische zangeres

I passed the door to Heaven in search for Paradise.
Faron Young – country zanger

 It seems I miss you most when you are here.
Sammi Smith – country zangeres
It was as serious as a heart attack.
Sean Penn in Casualties of war (Brian de Palma 1989)
Let’s pretend I like cooking and you pretend it tastes nice.
Winkeltekst in Haarlem
 De wereld heeft gelijk. Ik heb het ongelijk en de schoonheid.
Anton Heyboer.
 I don’t know if I can open up, I’m not a birthday present.
Marilyn Manson – The Pale emperor 2015
 Life is a journey that must be travelled no matter how bad the road.
Clive Owen in The boys are back (Scott Hicks 2009)
There is one reassuring thing about airplanes. They always come down.
Rudy Vallée in  Unfaithfully yours  (Preston Sturges 1948)
I must nothing, I only must die.
Peter Sagan – wielrenner

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